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Brunardot's Rants Brunardot, the innovator of the concept of String Theory, first presented to Philip Morrison, Cornell University, Spring 1955. Subsequently, the developer of the mathematical proof, which is the Rosetta Stone of Reality, the Elliptical Constant, that rationalizes an understanding of cosmic and micro entanglement . . . and, the other puzzling Standard Model enigmas . . . such as the phenomena of gravity, et cetra.

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Old 10-12-2010, 10:07 AM
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Default Interpretations of the meaning of “God.”

Concerning a recent article in “USA Today,” titled “God Views” and Issues, it is stated that:
“Views of God are splintering, even though Protestants had control of the culture right up into the 20th century. ...it shouldn't be surprising that the model now is more like a different God for every person. (One researcher) …found four Gods; other researchers could have found eight or maybe 16."
What a sad commentary, the above is, on the state of the attitude concerning a definition of God in the year 2010.

It is embarrassing to live among those of such ignorance.

If the World understood the simple principles of Pulsoid Theory there would never again be divisiveness over religion or the many definitions of a mythical, anthropic God.

It is a sorry state that all those that proclaim religion cannot “look to their creeds” and understand the stated unity of Oneness and replace all their different commandments of each belief system with dialogue, tolerance, the Golden Rule and the Creed of Pulsoid Theory.

The concept of God must begin with pluperfect simplicity. That is: Philosophical Logic's "First Postulate," which theoretical physics sorely lacks with its axiom based logic that begins entirely with metaphysical axioms.

If god is “that which creates all that exists"; then, god must be the beginning of evolution. There can be no other definition, which is Scientifically, Theologically, or Philosophically possible for that which creates everything. Have mercy on all that live otherwise . . . particularly, the atheist that can never prove a negative.

Look about! If god is defined as “that which creates all that exists”; and, there is something which exists . . . or, something that has been created; then . . . IPSO facto.
See: "Just Look About . . ." and "Atheists: Mis-Defining God"

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